If you are reading this, chances are that you have tried for some time to lose weight but even of you do lose some weight initially you just cant stick to it.

Perhaps you acknowledge that you are addicted to sugar, chocolate, crisps. Perhaps you have all good intentions, but you just cant say no.

We all know that to lose weight we need to consume less than we burn, burn more than we consume, which sounds so incredibly simple doesn’t it, so why cant we?

The word diet evokes the idea of restriction, of not being allowed, I shouldn’t, I can’t.

But where does this come from? Deep held emotional and core beliefs affect everything we do, every change we try to make. A belief laid down at the age of 5, a biscuit to make us feel better, a feeling of wanting to have what other people have, an association with a relative who cared for us.

Using a combination of change tools, mindset coaching, gentle Hypnosis, mindfulness techniques we can uncover and address what it is that is holding you back.

1st session

In this session we will chat about your experience so far re trying to lose weight, working to a commitment to change, and if time start to access what may be at the very core.

2nd Session

In this session we will build on the work we did in sessions 1to remove any blocks holding you back, start to work with some craving busting techniques if necessary, use techniques to address any possible inner conflict and support the move towards the new you .

3rd Session

Reinforce the work we have done so far and identify any missing blocks if present and develop a plan of an achievable process for you

Further sessions

Occasionally there is additional work to do to support you moving forward. Not everyone attends father sessions, but as yo know we are all so incredibly different.

Weight Loss management FAQ’s

How many sessions will I need

Most of my clients have 2-3 sessions, some less, occasionally more. Each session lasts for 1 hour and can be conducted face to face in Nottingham, UK or very safely over a video call.

What will the hypnosis involve?

Contrary to hypnosis shows for entertainment, Hypnosis is an safe and incredibly relaxing experience and one that you are in complete control of at all times.

In fact you experience a similar state of mind many times throughout every day. Have you been so engaged and engrossed in a film, that you express emotion? Advertising is a key example, you come away with a commitment, a new belief, based what YOU want.

During the session you are fully alert and awake, you will be actively involved and be able to remember everything that you experienced.

How much do Sessions cost?

Each 1 hour sessions costs £70.

Payment is required before the session and 48 Hours notice is required for cancellation.

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, You are in control and so we are not entitled to offer guarantees to clients for hypnotherapy sessions.