Its Endometriosis Awareness week, and Endometriosis affects a large number of women in varying degrees.

Painful and very heavy periods, bowel changes and mid cycle pain and trouble concieving  are a few of the most commonly reported symptoms amongst those affected.

Kim contacted me as she had been unable to get pregnant.

She had a history of endometriosis as well as being advised that she had a cyst on one ovary.   She had undergone Laproscopic laser surgery in the past to remove the excess endometrium. Sadly it had returned to its former level within 4 months of surgery.

During our initial chat we established that she had:

  • a poor diet (high in carbohydrate and processed foods),
  • changeable bowel habits with bouts of constipation and diarrhoea ( She put it down to IBS). Endometriosis can massively affect bowel function too.
  • heavy debilitatingly painful periods
  • mid cycle pain

Fertility Coaching

I provided Mind and Body Fertility Coaching. We worked together over Skype and email to address menstrual issues, her mindset and emotional triggers, diet, lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation and self care and treatment.


Kim made small steps to improvements to her diet, reducing gluten was a significant part and intruding more anti inflammatory foods and supplements.  She supported her gut by taking probiotics.

Hormonal Balance

She charted her Basal Body Temperature (BBT) daily, and plotted on an app which I assessed throughout her time with me.

Initially the BBT charts showed a significant oestrogen dominance and a short luteal phase (the time after ovulation).  Both of which have an impact on fertility.

Self care

I taught Kim how to do Fertility Massage Therapy (FMT) and encouraged to use castor oil packs regularly.  She did this after bleed and leading up to ovulation.

I also gave guidance on working some key Fertility Reflexology points on her hand.  the use of massage and castor oil packs would support her liver, digestion and reproductive system.

Kim provided feedback after her treatments,  during her first self FMT she identified tension on an area that represents the maternal ancestral line.  The relationship she had with her mum wasn’t great and threw up some major emotional blocks that we worked through. It is so very common for an emotional issue to represent it in the physical body, and finding it is key.

Noticing thought patterns and reframing

Of significance throughout her time working with me was the self care she introduced.  We reframed the focus of her diet changes. She paid more attention to what went into her body, putting the focus on the health of her eggs and the health of her future child rather than fertility itself.

If the focus is fertility, its easy to begrudge the changes, to see it as pointless if you get your period.  Also looking at other people who conceive perfectly well who follow a bad diet can this can cause jealousy within us, a negative emotion.

We also worked on some mindfulness enabling her to recognise her thought paterns and self talk as well as positive visualisations.  To do this she listened to the recordings I provided at appropriate times in her cycle.


Within 1 month her pain had reduced, still there but not debilitating. Her bleed grew darker, almost tar like, which I reassured her was a sign of clearing the old endometrial tissue that had built up.

By the second month there was no mid cycle pain and her bleed was again thick and black, tar like reduced, but with reduced pain.

Kim was seeing changes within her menstrual cycle, and her digestive system was improved.  She felt positive, and said she had enjoyed focusing on healing rather then fertility and felt connected to her reproductive system.  She had spent most of her reproductive years feeling very negative, understandably towards an area of her body causing her pain and then resentful that it was preventing her from conceiving.

3 months later, Kim was pregnant and had a trouble free pregnancy and birth, a beautiful baby boy.

For me, I felt privilege to be a part of her journey. the astounding results depended completely on her taking on board reccomendations and taking the time for self care.

If you would like to discuss how fertility coaching may help you, please get in touch.

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