Reflexology has been used for over 500 years and was practiced by the civilisations in China, Egypt and India.

Reflexology was introduced to the west in the 20th century and works on the principle that there are reflexes in your feet relating to every organ and system in the body.Reflexology works on the whole body both physically and energetically aiming to achieve a sense of balance.

Reflexology may help to
• balance body systems, working to remove energy blockages
• remove toxins and impurities and strengthening the immune system
• improve energy and vitality
• improve the efficiency of the digestive system
• balance the functions of the hormonal system
• provide a sense of deep relaxation and improve sleep

Conditions reflexology may help
• Migraines and Headaches
• Stress related conditions
• Digestive disorders
• Hormonal imbalances
• Menstrual problems, including PMS
• Fertility
• Pregnancy health
• Menopause symptoms
• Musculoskeletal issues
• Sleep disorders
• Plus many more….