Peri Menopause to Menopause Naturally, 1 day retreat, Sunday June 24th


The Menopause is a gentle transition into the Autumn of your life, not the roller coaster ride into the winter of discontent as a large majority of women experience.  This 1 day workshop provides you with information, relaxation, self care and time to yourself within a small group of like minded individuals.

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Would you like to Free the Fear of the Menopause, and discover your natural choices?

The Menopause is a gentle transition into the Autumn of your life, not the roller coaster ride into the winter of discontent as a large majority of women experience.

The Peri Menopause (meaning around menopause)is a period of time during which women transition into the menopause.  This can take up to or in excess of 10 years, and generally starts around 40 years of age.  There are some women who start earlier or later, this is an average figure.  Symptoms experienced vary from woman to woman and sometimes month to month.

Are you experiencing any or some of the following:

  • mood changes
  • anxiety
  • sleep disturbances
  • low mood, forgetfulness
  • period changes
  • energy lows
  • hot flashes
  • starting to put on weight around the middle

This 1 day workshop looks at natural ways to help ease this time. Set in Upper Saxondale, surrounded by trees and nature, the day offers:

  • What is the peri menopause/Menopause?
  • Mindfulness specific to the Menopause
  • A Tai Chi session
  • Self care why its important and what it is or can be
  • An emotional detox
  • How Nutrition can affect the Peri to Post Menopause
  • A healthy scrummy lunch
  • Pelvic changes during his time and how you can help yourself
  • Environmental factors that may affect hormonal balance and what you can do

The group is limited to 12 attendees only and runs from 10:00-16:00hrs.

Course Contributors

Katrina Stevens

Katrina is a reflexologist and massage therapist specialising in hormonal health and a Mindfulness Teacher, delivering course for health and wellbeing and specialist courses for Menopause and Fertility.

At 48years old, she is managing the peri-menopause herself naturally and passionate about sharing this information with you.

Kathryn Peden

Kathryn is a Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist, working with women at all ages of life to educate and improve women’s pelvic health, helping them overcome incontinence and prolapse, empowering them to keep active and promoting holistic wellbeing.

She has co-authored ‘Menopause: The Change for the Better‘, out on 3rd May, runs the 3D Woman Podcast on Mixcloud with women’s health Coach Pamela Windle, writes physiotherapy blogs, is publishing her first online course ‘Heal and Restore Your Pelvic Floor’, and runs her busy Nottingham city centre Physiotherapy clinic Arcadia Physiotherapy.

Claire Cross

Claire Cross is a hypnotherapist and life coach and has a busy practice in Nottingham aswell as teaching Tai Chi which is a form of Qi Gong.

Originating from China, Qi refers to the breath and the life energy inside each of us and Gong means exercise, so simply put Qi Gong means exercise that cultivates breathing.

Claire was trained under Dr Lam, a medical expert and world leader in Tai Chi and improvement,  a Chinese Martial Art, which dates back to over 700 years, some even say 1500 years. Today Tai Chi is used for Health and Relaxation, integrating exercises for the health of the mind and body.

“Tai chi can be many things to different people, so it will be interesting to see what it is for you today and I hope you enjoy our session.”

Leanne Hennessey

Leanne  is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and fully qualified Peri to Post Menopause Wellness Coach.  Her passion is helping women to realise their full potential in menopausal health, both mentally and physically using the most powerful tool we have – the mind.  Her 6 week programme, Your Menopause Matters, is tailored to your individual needs tackling all of your symptoms head on and teaches you take-home techniques to last a life time.

Leanne can’t be with us on he day, but she has gifted some tools from her 6 week programme for me to share with you.


Lunch will be provided by Lauren and Ritchie from No12 Houndsgate and is a balanced nutritious and ridiculously tasty offering and will give you an idea for your own nutrition through this important time in your life.



The day is held at the Upper Saxondale Community Hall, 3 Serpentine Cl, Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham NG12 2NS

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to sit, relax and move.  Please bring a Yoga Mat if you have one, a blanket and or cushion too if you wish.


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