Peri menopause and the menopause itself is a time of great change, both physically and emotionally. The menopause has been described the Autumn of a Woman’s life. Autumn is a beautiful season and a time to take stock.

In many Eastern cultures, the menopause is not something to dread, in fact the matriarchal society revere a woman entering her menopause.  It should be the Autumn of your life, a time of empowerment, not the winter of discontent.

I will work with you through mindfulness, self care, education and therapies if appropriate to help you understand and improve your symptoms and mindset. by reducing the wefts of stress related hormones we can aim to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Reflexology can help to gain hormonal balnce and symptom reduction, by providing balance to the reproductive system and endocrine (hormonal) system.

Massage of the abdomen and scaral area is a non-invasive therapy which aims to facilitate the ideal positioning of the womb, enabling the natural flow of energy and blood. It is a balancing yet deep treatment that addresses a number of areas of tension, breaking down scar tissue, alignment and congestion. By massaging the lumbar and gluteal area any tightness and tension is released from the soft tissue, ensuring the ligaments that support the organs of the lower abdominal cavity, particularly the reproductive organs. Massaging the sacral area can release any congestion of the nerves at the point they exit the sacral bone. In doing so the nerves supplying the reproductive system are not obstructed.

The digestive systems effectiveness is improved and as well as the obvious benefits of that as the majority of Serotonin is manufactured in the digestive system, levels are likely to rise.