As a Mind and Body Fertility coach, I accompany you on your fertility journey.  Whether you are:

  • planning pre conceptual care
  • experiencing difficulty conceiving
  • conceiving but experiencing miscarriage(s)

Working you you to identify and help you to address imbalance within the

  • physical
  • emotional
  • psychological
  • or a combination of factors

Either face to face within my clinic in Nottingham or via Skype or similar communication, I will work with you to

  • provide appropriate and practical information and knowledge
  • help you achieve a sense of control and play an active part via self care
  • analyse your menstrual cycle and what it means for fertility
  • help you make sense of all the advice ‘out  there’,
  • identify and work with your own imbalances and potential blockages, physical, emotional and/or psychological
  • keep you and your partner at at the centre

For more information regarding  packages and consultation, please get in touch