When working with fertility therapies over a number of years, looking at the people I have worked with and successes, it has become clear that fertility issues are rarely due to one thing.  Factors that affect fertility relate to the physical being and the mind, whether emotional or psychological.  Most commonly a combination of both.

When researching fertility issues you will if not already come across many theories and treatments.  I have developed an approach to Fertility that encompasses both the mind and the body, their relationship and keeps you at the centre. in other words, gives you back some control.

Lets explore the areas


Getting Pregnant is not as easy as one may think.  Have you considered:

  • Your menstrual cycle, hormonal balance and the significance of:
    • bleed consistency and colour
    • bleed flow
    • cycle length
    • any pain or mood changes (its not actually “normal” by the way)
    • length of both phases (follicular and luteal)
    • strength and differences between phases
    • consistency and amount of cervical mucous
    • when you ovulated (its not always in  the middle, or 14 days before your bleed)
  • How your diet and lifestyle affect egg and sperm health over the 3-4 months before conception, and ultimately affect the health of your future child
  • Timing and regularity of trying to conceive

Emotional and Psychological

  • How your mindset, emotional triggers and even childhood experiences may be affecting your fertility
  • How your emotional brain responds to getting pregnant and looking at the previous messages sent to not getting pregnant
  • Recognising your self talk and negative thought patterns
  • The impact of stress and how this affects fertility, family, relationships etc and  how to reduce its effects
  • How the perceived loss of control affects fertility and ways to find some control
  • Finding balance