sperm and ovuleAre you looking into pre conceptual care to give your body and future child the best chances?

Are you experiencing difficulty conceiving?

Fertility can be an incredibly sensitive subject and generates a multitude of emotions, many of them negative:

  • Will it ever happen for us?
  • What are we doing wrong?
  • We should have a family by now.
  • This is so unfair?

Sound familiar?

An increasing number of couples are experiencing fertility issues, with a reported 1 in 3 experiencing difficulties, and a reported 1 in 6 couples seeking medical assistance.

Whether you are wanting to undertake a pre conceptual care programme or are experiencing Fertility issues, Mind and Body Fertility Coaching may provide benefit.

When working with fertility therapies over a number of years, it has become clear that fertility issues are rarely due to one thing.  Factors that affect fertility relate to the physical being and the mind, whether emotional or psychological.  Most commonly a combination of both.

When researching fertility issues you will if not already come across many theories and treatments.  I have developed an approach to Fertility that encompasses both the mind and the body, their relationship and keeps you at the centre. in other words, gives you back some control.

Mind and Body Fertility Coaching

Mind and Body Fertility Coaching works with you face to face, remotely or via online packages to explore both the mind and body effects on fertility with strategies  to address them, keeping you at the very centre, but without consuming your life.

My aim is to provide knowledge and self care to empower you and give you back some control.  Working with your mindset we can unlock long held negative beliefs, promote a sense of dealing with what is here now, how to recognise negative thought patterns and reframe thinking.

Either face to face within my clinic in Nottingham or via Skype or similar communication, I will work with you to

  • provide appropriate and practical information and knowledge
  • help you achieve a sense of control and play an active part via self care
  • analyse your menstrual cycle and what it means for fertility
  • help you make sense of all the advice ‘out  there’, including diet and lifestyle
  • identify and work with your own imbalances and potential blockages, physical, emotional and/or psychological
  • How physical therapies may help (Reproductive Reflexology and Fertility Massage TherapyTM   
  • keep you and your partner at at the centre

For more information regarding  packages and consultation, please get in touch