Mind and Body Fertility

sperm and ovuleExperiencing fertility issues can be an incredibly sensitive subject and generates a multitude of emotions. An increasing number of women are experiencing fertility issues, with a reported 1 in 3 couples experiencing difficulties, and a reported 1 in 6 couples seeking medical assistance. Assisted conception on a private health basis can be very costly. Specialist complementary therapies can be used and are a fraction of the cost.

Holistic or Complementary therapies in their very nature aim to address both physical and psychological issues. On a physical level, they can address underlying medical issues, including hormonal imbalance, pre existing medical conditions and the physiological effects of stress. On a psychological level they aim to address the emotional and mental issues that affect fertility.

Whether you are wanting to undertake a pre conceptual care programme pr are experiencing Fertility issues, Reproflexology may provide benefit.

Mind and Body Fertility  incorporates Specialist Reproductive Reflexology, (Reproflexology TM), Fertility Massage Therapy (TM) as well as lifestyle, nutrition and supplement advice, aiming to address imbalances and working with the menstrual cycle. There are many reasons for sub-fertility, some with physical explanations and the majority unexplained.  Balancing hormones, reminding the body what it needs to be doing and reducing your bodies negative response to stressors may help to improve your fertility.

Reproflexology TM , is also used to support couples undergoing assisted conception programmes including IUI, IVF and ICSI. Treatments work to support the treatment protocols.

At initial consultation Katrina will take a full medical history and initial assessment. A  treatment protocol specific to your needs will be identified, including nutrition and supplement advice.  We will work together looking at your results, lifestyle and menstrual cycle charting to identify treatments and self care.  We will also work to address ‘stress’ factors and identify strategies to improve your fertility mindset.


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