Was your birth traumatic? It may be in the near or distant past, but do you feel that it is still very present in your mind and is still affecting you?

It may present itself as reoccurring or unwanted thoughts relating to the birth, this can be exhausting, cause anxiety and make you feel unable to move forward and put it behind you.  When you think about the need to move on or hear this advice from others, do you think ‘I can’t’, or ‘I wish I could’ or ‘you don’t understand how bad this feels or how hard it is’.

Are you unable to try for another baby? Are you pregnant again and feel anxious about the birth, afraid a replay of previous events?

Do you feel as though you are on high alert at all times regarding your baby and its safety?

Katrina is trained as a Birth Trauma Practitioner and is able to offer a simple but very effective 3 step process that neutralizes the toxic feelings and lifts the symptoms of Birth Trauma.  This approach is delivered over two or three sessions activating an individuals own natural ability to heal by using deep relaxation, guided use of their memory and of their imagination.

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