Well a New Year is upon us, many good intentions, many books and DVD’s abound focusing on health and fitness and losing weight. Increasingly more and more information is available about clean eating and its benefits on health.

What is clean eating? How can it benefit you? Well, I am not a nutritionist, but I can share with you how clean eating has affected me and my health.
I have an auto immune condition, which was diagnosed in 2005. By 2008 debilitating fatigue was my main symptom, a life affecting symptom. Now, when I say fatigue, I don’t mean being tired or a bit groggy, I mean really having to think about how to walk, and even then feeling as though I was dragging my legs through thick wet tar. My cognitive function was affected, It affected my ability to understand what people were saying, simple tasks seemed very difficult, writing a cheque seemed impossible at times, navigating a website, don’t even try! Depression was also a big symptom, a bit chicken and egg really. Am I depressed because I have this disease, these symptoms or is it part of the disease?

The advice I was given by the hospital was to rest more, plan my day, incorporate rest, but I had two very young children, and I’ll be honest a “I wont let it win” attitude, which became self defeating.

I tried everything, it’s how I began Reflexology, I found such benefit from treatments, I trained in it. The same with Reiki. Then I looked at my diet, I read lots of information here and there, particularly around reducing inflammation in the body. I cut out Gluten, and I felt so much better, much less fatigue. Then I cut out Dairy, even less fatigue. As the years have gone on I have looked at more and more ways to reduce inflammation, reducing inflammatory foods and increasing anti-inflammatory foods. The results are incredible.

The biggest improvement was when I cut sugar! Hardest thing I’ve ever done, but then I had no fatigue, no other symptoms, my body was at its best and my mind clear.

I fell off my no sugar wagon quite spectacularly last year, and also the no alcohol and he , and the not much alcohol (Darn Prossecco!) and leading up to Christmas, I fell off all of my wagons, mince pies were the devil incarnate and I could not resist. The fatigue and depression were back full throttle. So come Christmas Eve, Gluten was gone again, Dairy reduced, Vegetables and plant protein abounded. Hello 2016, Goodbye Dairy, sugar almost gone, and I feel amazing.

So, I thought, do you know what? there may be people out there who would benefit from my nearly 10 year journey with Clean Eating, that may want to know how I manage it, that may need to now that you can fall off, but you can get back on easily too. My plan is to share with you what I eat, and how I plan my diet. If my auto immune condition can be helped so drastically, what can it do for you?

Are you looking to improve a health condition? general health? Are you trying for a baby?

As I said I am not a nutritionist, I am going to share what I do, it is important you look into this further if its something you want to do, and you should check with your G.P. especially if you have a pre diagnosed condition.