Mind and Body Balance

We are a complex system physically and emotionally and occasionally our system is out of balance.  There may be specific health issues we are facing or stress and emotional unrest. At these times the body needs to rebalance.

Reflexology aims to address this imbalance, by working specific reflex points in the feet or hands to provide stimulation, sedation and balance.  This is especially important when addressing symptoms of stress and the knock on effects of continued raised cortisol and overworked adrenal glands.

We were designed to raise our cortisol and adrenaline in times of danger, the fight or fight response.  When that danger , being chased by a bear perhaps, has passed the stress hormone levels returned and recovery occurred. In todays busy life, when cortisol levels are raised, the body thinks its in danger, fat is stored as reserve, other hormones (men and women) are affected too.  The recovery response can be initiated, but that needs relaxation and rebalance.