Welcome to KS Wellbeing

My name is Kat Stevens and I provide coaching as well as stand alone therapies for Fertilty, Pregnancy, Auto Immune Conditions, Anxiety, Weight Loss, either face to face in Nottingham,UK or any where you are,  via Skype or Zoom or online packages.

Its hard to say on a few words here what it is I do, mainly because although we have the same human body and mind, the complexities and interactions are so diverse.

No two people are the same, we are all unique.

The same things dot affect everybody, why is that is we all have the same design, surely the mechanisms are the same.

Why do some people experience anxiety and others don’t?

Why do some people have health anxiety or a fear of not being in control and others don’t?  

Everything you have seen, heard, felt, experienced has shaped you, from a very early age.

Many of these things have been laid down as core beliefs, and you don’t know about them.

Are you experiencing difficulties conceiving?

The emotions of over whelm, fear, anger, hopelessness may be at the surface.  Or maybe you don’t see any reason and these same emotions may be stored and acting on the here and know, without you being aware.  I have developed a programme called Fertility Rewire, where we rewire the Mind and Body back to its intrinsic design.

It was after working as a natural fertility therapist for many years, and while myself dealing with an auto immune disease, I realised that there was only so much we could do on a physical level, by accessing the emotions and beliefs that shape us we can free old ingrained patterns.

That these patterns and the bodies responses were actually affecting the physical.

All you perhaps know is that you want to make a change, but you cant, it seems out of your control.

Or perhaps you know what changes you need to make, but you just cant.  What is it thats holding you back?

well, you’d be surprised..